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#BehindtheSelfie with… Mahesh Singh, founder of iClick Marketing

This week, we go behind the selfie with Mahesh Singh, founder of iClick Marketing.

Entrepreneurs should celebrate their successes by giving back in 2020

By Mahesh Singh, founder of iClick Marketing. When I founded iClick Marketing in 2012, I did so because of my passion for digital marketing. Over the past eight years, the business has grown exponentially and in 2018 it earned the New Generation Award for Most Innovative Digital Campaign by a Small Agency for our client…
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Leadership for millennials

By Claudie Singh, Operations Manager at iClick Marketing Being a leader in your organisation in 2020 means that you likely have to lead a team that consists of as many as five generations working alongside each other. Leading such a diverse workforce means you have to manage many different expectations while ensuring your business remains…
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Which sequence should you start with? Pick a campaign goal. Then, explore the average lift of each sequence over a single 30-second TrueView YouTube ad viewed multiple times. You’ll notice some variance across metrics, but it’s a safe bet to prioritize Tease, Amplify, Echo, The Mini Series, or The Direct Shot when testing sequences. Click here…
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